Phone Call Scams Circulating the Community

October 26, 2022

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court has been made aware of several phone call scams circulating the community involving fraudulent legal claims, and community members are advised to be cautious.

The caller may claim to be a member of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or an employee of one of the Montgomery County Court divisions. They may reference specific names, such as “Sergeant Doug Reed,” or specific case numbers in an effort to legitimize themselves. They may even clone a legitimate phone number so that the call appears to be coming from an official organization. The caller will then state that the community member has failed to appear in court, and they must make a payment in order to prevent the court from issuing a warrant for their arrest.

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court does not call community members and demand payment under threat of arrest. Any community member who receives a suspicious call such as the scenario above should hang up and report it to their local police department. Please contact the court directly through an official channel if necessary.