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Video Courtrooms

Currently, there are eleven courtrooms in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, General Division that are equipped with video recording systems:

Courtroom 1: Judge Dennis Adkins
Courtroom 2: Judge Gregory F. Singer
Courtroom 3: Judge E. Gerald Parker, Jr.
Courtroom 4: Judge Steven Dankof
Courtroom 5: Judge Mary Katherine Huffman
Courtroom 7: Judge Timothy N. O'Connell
Courtroom 8: Judge Mary Wiseman
Courtroom 9: Judge Richard S. Skelton
Courtroom 10: Judge Michael Krumholtz
Courtroom 11: Judge Barbara P. Gorman

Equipment Available For Use

An evidence presentation cart equipped with an evidence camera, annotation monitor, control panel, VCR, DVD, and auxiliary connections for a laptop.
˙ An annotation monitor on the witness stand as well as the evidence podium.
˙ A document camera located on the evidence podium.

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Download the Evidence Presentation Attorney Reference Guide

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Court Recrodings

In all eleven video courtrooms, there are digital storage mediums. Having multiple, flexible recording devices ensures that high-resolution records are immediately available at the close of the trial day. Attorneys may request the record in their preferred format - either VHS videocassette or digital disk. The digital storage devices also feature both read and write capability, thus allowing the court to make a disk from the original or "master" disk recording on demand.

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