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Interpreter Services

The Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Court Services, Caseflow Services Division provides the Common Pleas Court and other court-related departments with interpreters for non English-speaking individuals and sign language interpreters for the hearing impaired, as mandated by the Ohio Revised Code 2311.14.

Guidelines for determining the need for interpreters

An interpreter is needed when if upon examination by the court, counsel, or court personnel there is a party, witness, or jury member who is unable to speak English, so as to be understood directly by counsel, court and the jury, or if a party is unable to understand, speak or hear English sufficiently to comprehend the proceedings and to assist counsel with handling of the case or in service as a juror. Upon this determination, the requesting department should then contact Caseflow Services.

Language Access Plan

Additional Resources:
Language Access Plan 2019 (PDF) -- Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, General Division
Understanding Rule 88 for Judges & Court Personnel -- A training video regarding the State’s language access plan

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