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Available Equipment

The Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, General Division provides the following equipment for courtroom use to the attorneys during trial:

  • Audio Cassette Player - Radio with cassette player to listen to tapes.
  • Evidence Presentation Unit (ELMO) - A portable video presentation unit, with a high resolution camera that captures all types of presentation materials such as 3-D objects, transparencies, small items such as a stamp to show or record through a monitor.
  • Hand Held Slide Viewer - A miniature machine in which slide pictures are inserted for viewing.
  • Hearing Impaired Equipment
  • Overhead Projector - A machine with a glass lens used to display transparencies onto a screen.
  • Rear Projection Smart Board - Go Here for an overview and description.
  • Slide Projector - A machine capable of rotating and projecting slide pictures onto a screen.
  • TV and VCR - A color television with a 19 inch screen with a videotape player on the same cart for playing a videotape and viewing it on the TV screen.
  • Video Recording Equipment in 7 courtrooms
  • X-Ray Viewer - A large rectangular box for which medical x-rays can be viewed.
  • Camcorder and Tripod.
  • Folding Exhibit Easel
  • Screens
  • Portable Tape Recorder
  • Presentation Station

To reserve this equipment:
You can request online for Evidence Equipment and Schedule Training
Or you may contact the bailiff of the Judge assigned to your case.

For additional information as to the capabilities in these courtrooms, please call the Judicial Assistants in these courts.

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