Juror Information


1. As a petit juror, you are on call for a five (5) day period from your on call start date. You will be on call for five (5) days, or the length of one trial if you are selected as a juror.
  • You may be requested to appear for jury duty several times during your on call period or you may not be requested to appear at all.
  • If you are selected as a juror, you may be involved in either a criminal or a civil trial.  The average trial lasts three days.
  • If you are not selected as a juror when requested to appear, you are normally released within two to three hours when the selected jurors are seated.
    • On occasion you may be asked to report to another courtroom if additional jurors are still needed.
2. If you are selected as a juror, you will be paid $20.00 per day.  
3. When you appear as requested, but are not chosen as a juror, you will be paid $10.00.
4. Click here for information about convenient locations for lunch.
5. Click here for information about security and those items not allowed in the courthouse.  
6. To determine your need to report while you are on call, you must check one of the following after 7:00 pm on the business day preceding your original or next on call date:
  For additional information about jury duty, choose from the specific options to the left.
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