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1. Your Help is Essential
2. The Jury System Works for Business, too
3. Employers can do Their Fair Share


Your help is essential!

For our Jury system to work, it is essential that the courts and employers form a partnership to ensure that all citizens are available to serve on juries when called. Without cooperation from the business community, our system would come to a halt. This is an outcome a democratic society cannot afford. We would lose a fundamental principle upon which we, private and corporate citizens alike, depend. The importance of your participation cannot be emphasized enough.

The law prohibits employers from:

  • discharging,
  • threatening to discharge,
  • laying off,
  • denying advancement opportunities to,
  • or otherwise penalizing,

     permanent employees who miss work because of jury service.

The law prohibits employers from requiring that employees use annual vacation or sick leave for time spent on jury duty.


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