How to Use Fillable Forms

What is a fillable form?
A fillable form has fields in which you can enter text. The box for the field appears when you click next to the place where you want to enter text.

It may also have boxes you can check.

You can print a form.

If you are using ADOBE ACROBAT READER, you cannot save the text you enter in a form.

You can save a filled-out form if you have Adobe Acrobat Approval or Adobe Acrobat.

You have to buy these programs. Contact a software retailer for more information on buying these programs.

How do I download a form?
Click here for help with downloading a form.

What software do I need?
If you have viewed a Judicial Council form on your computer, you probably have the software you need.

You need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader versions 5 or above to use the fillable forms. Click here to download Reader FREE.

The forms will not work with any version of Reader issued before Reader 5.0.

The latest version available at the time of the writing is Reader 8.x.

How do I find out what version of Adobe Reader I have?
Open your Adobe Reader program, click on Help, then click on About Adobe Reader. A box will appear that will show which version of Adobe Reader you have.

How do I enter text in a field?
Using your mouse, move the "little hand" to the place where you wish to enter text. When the hand turns into an I-beam, click. The box for the field will appear, and you can enter text in the field.

How do I check a checkbox?
Put the little hand over the checkbox and click. If you use the tab key to highlight a checkbox, you check the box by pressing the space bar.

How do I go to the next field?
Either use your mouse to go to the next area where you wish to enter text and click when the little hand turns into an I-beam or press the TAB key on your keyboard.

We recommend that you use the TAB key so that you will not accidentally miss any fields.

How do I go to the next line in a field that has several lines?
Press the ENTER key to go to the beginning of the next line.

How do I go back to a field I've already filled in?
Using your mouse, go to the field and click when the little hand turns into an I-beam. If you want to go back to the field you just left, hold down the SHIFT key while pressing the TAB key.

I have more text that needs to be entered on the form, and I'm out of room. Now what do I do?
You cannot add more text to a field once it is full.

Can I save a form after I fill it out?
You cannot save a filled-out form if you are using Adobe Reader.

You can save a filled-out form if you have Adobe Acrobat.

You have to buy this program. Contact a software retailer for more information on buying this program.

When I print my form, the highlighting around a field sometimes prints. How can I make it go away?
Click your mouse somewhere outside of the field. Make sure you don't click into another field.

My form prints smaller than the space available on my paper. How can I make the form bigger?
You can fix this problem by changing the settings in the Print box.

When the Print box pops up, check the section that says Copies and Adjustments.

Make sure that the options shrink oversized pages to paper size and expand small pages to paper size are unchecked.

Then click OK to print.

Why do I only see a blank window when trying to open a form?
There are many possible reasons. Here are some things to try:

  • Check to see if you are using Adobe Reader versions 5 or higher.
    Click here for help finding out what version of Reader you have. If you aren't using Reader versions 5 or 6, download a FREE copy of Reader from Adobe.

  • Update to the most current version.
    If you are using Reader version 6 or lower, download a FREE copy of the most current Reader from Adobe. Versions earlier than 6.0.2 had a known problem with some PDF files displaying improperly.

  • Open the form after you download it.
    To download a form, put your cursor over the link for the form. When the cursor turns into a hand, right click your mouse. After you click, you should see this menu:

    Image of Menu

    Put your cursor over "Save Target As . . ." and click the left button on your mouse to save the form. After you save the form, open it from your computer.

  • Click here for Adobe's Support Knowledgebase: PDF Pages Don't Appear in Web Browser Window.

Who can I contact for more help?

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