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Human Resources FAQs
> What kind of jobs are available in the General Division?
> What Fringe Benefits are provided to General Division employees?
> How do I apply for employment?
> Do new employees serve a probationary period?
> How often are employees evaluated after completion of their probationary period?
> What is classified service vs. unclassified service?
> What is exempt vs. non-exempt?
> Where do employees park?
> What is the Court's dress code?
> Does the Court have a residency rule?
> I am presently working for another government entity, will my present time transfer?
> In the event an employee needs a reasonable accommodation, what is the Court's policy?
> What is the Court's policy regarding Family Medical Leave?

What is classified service vs. unclassified service?

Classified Service - Employees in classified service are covered by the rules and regulations of the Ohio Personnel Board of Review.

Unclassified Service - Employees in unclassified service consists of those persons employed by and directly responsible to selected Court officials and holding a fiduciary or administrative relationship to such elected Court officials.

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