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> How do I get to the Courthouse?
> What is your address and phone number?
> Where are the Clerk's Offices located?
> Which days will the Clerk 's Office and Court be closed for business?
> Can the Clerk 's Office or the Court advise me how I should proceed with my case?
> Can the Court recommend an attorney or law firm?
> Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?
> How can I find a lawyer?
> Is this where I come to get a stalking protection order?
> Where should I file my pleadings?
> How can I find out which judge is assigned to a case?
> How can I find out if a pleading or an order has been filed?
> How do I schedule a hearing? What days do the Judges hear motions?
> How long does it take for a Judge to rule on my motion?
> How long will it take until I go to trial?
> How do I go about retrieving a record/file from the Montgomery County Records Center?
> How do I get a transcript?
> Are there any restrictions on cellular phones, pagers or laptop computers in thecourthouses?

How can I find out if a pleading or an order has been filed?

You can find this information by:

  1. Accessing the link for the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts and searching the Public Records Online System (PRO) by case number or party name
  2. Visiting the Clerk's Office and using the PC at the public counter to conduct a search of the PRO system
  3. Contacting the Clerk's Office by telephone and asking for this information. The telephone number for the Clerk's Office is as follows: (937) 225-4512.

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