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General Information FAQs
> How do I get to the Courthouse?
> What is your address and phone number?
> Where are the Clerk's Offices located?
> Which days will the Clerk 's Office and Court be closed for business?
> Can the Clerk 's Office or the Court advise me how I should proceed with my case?
> Can the Court recommend an attorney or law firm?
> Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?
> How can I find a lawyer?
> Is this where I come to get a stalking protection order?
> Where should I file my pleadings?
> How can I find out which judge is assigned to a case?
> How can I find out if a pleading or an order has been filed?
> How do I schedule a hearing? What days do the Judges hear motions?
> How long does it take for a Judge to rule on my motion?
> How long will it take until I go to trial?
> How do I go about retrieving a record/file from the Montgomery County Records Center?
> How do I get a transcript?
> Are there any restrictions on cellular phones, pagers or laptop computers in thecourthouses?

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This section is divided into sub-sections:

  • General information FAQs
  • Jury Information FAQs
  • Human Resources FAQs

  • If you have any additional or specific questions not listed within this section, please contact us.

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