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Secure Transitional Offender Program

Secure Transitional Offender Program, known as S.T.O.P., was established July 29, 2002. STOP is now a 96 bed drug and alcohol intervention program available to offenders on supervision in Montgomery County. STOP moved to the Echo Building on the Bennett J. Cooper Re-Entry Center Complex in May 2014. In October 2016, STOP opened 48 beds for Female offenders. The goals of the program are to expedite access to intervention services to probationers in Montgomery County Jail, maximize the effective use of jail beds, require probationers to pay back the community through the work detail and community service projects, provide a continuity of care through community risk reduction services.

Fast Facts:

  • STOP is a now a 96 bed facility and maintains capacity at all time, while at the same time maintaining no waiting list.
  • STOP Staff conduct daily group activities utilizing the latest intervention techniques, including Thinking for a Change, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hazelden's model of recovery.
  • STOP served 457 probationers in 2015.
  • STOP boasts a successful graduation rate of 95% (4,527).
  • Clients receive a personalized intervention plan which directly addresses their specific needs and instills mutual respect between clients and staff.
  • Programming at STOP is conducted in large part by volunteers and includes:
    • Parenting and Cancer Awareness (Combined Health District)
    • Paradigm Thinking-Male Issues group, Bill/Wyonia Staffin Chaplains
    • Education (Sinclair Community College)
    • Employment Counseling (Goodwill Easter Seals)
  • Coming Soon, Day Reporting Program.
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