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Division of Criminal Justice Services

The Division of Criminal Justice Services is committed to providing supervision and investigative services for felony and misdemeanor cases. The Division provides meaningful intervention with offenders/defendants by addressing major areas of risk/need, providing timely communication to the Court, and monitoring offender behavior. In accordance with the directives of the Court, we endeavor to: ensure public safety by reducing the likelihood of continued criminal behavior; hold the offender/defendant accountable for court-ordered sanctions; encourage habilitation by identifying needs and providing the opportunity to address those needs through programming and community agency referrals; provide restoration when applicable to the specific case. In order to protect the public and encourage positive behavioral change, the Division utilizes consequences proportionate to the violation. Violation response is based on: the risk the offender poses to the public, the risk to re-offend, the severity of the violation, and the overall adjustment of the offender/defendant to supervision in the community.

The Division provides restorative justice services to victims of crime by offering victim/offender mediation, collecting restitution payments, and monitoring compulsory community service work. Offenders/defendants are expected to take responsibility for their behavior, submit to drug testing, and participate in specialized programming as ordered by the Court or community control officer.

The Division provides the following services: residential drug intervention services, community drug intervention and education, drug court, specialized supervision of felony non-support cases, education and employment opportunities, plus intensive supervision services.

The Division of Criminal Justice Services has been accredited by the American Correctional Association and the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections since 1987.

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