Departments and Divisions of the Court

Court Services

The Court Services Division provides support services to the judiciary, court staff, and general public. These services include judicial word processing/quality control services; civil and criminal case management; appointment of counsel; interpreter services; arbitration and mediation services; civil stalking protection order program, and petit jury management for all divisions of the Common Pleas Court.

The Court Services Division also screens and supervises criminal case defendants released on bond during pendency of the case. Such supervision reduces unnecessary pretrial detention, assures timely court appearance, and enhances public safety. All individuals arrested in Montgomery County on new felony and certain misdemeanor charges are interviewed by Screening Services. Based upon compiled information, a report is submitted to the court with a bond recommendation. The defendant may be ordered released to the supervision of Pretrial Services while awaiting trial. Supervision conditions may be as general as phone contact or as restrictive as house arrest. Urinalysis drug testing is a regular condition placed upon all defendants under supervision.

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